Jason Leow

design ✏️ + public good 🏛 + indie maker 🚀 + mindfulness ⛩. Started @outsprintdesign to run design sprints with gov organizations.

About Jason

Jason’s first forays in design was helping businesses build online brands through user-centered web design, where he applied design thinking to his freelance work. Before starting out in as a designer, he was previously with the National Council of Social Service where he championed ground-up collaboration efforts between social services, voluntary welfare organisations and the grassroots.

At The Human Experience Lab in the Public Service Division, Jason had the opportunity to bring his passions for human-centered design, social innovation and entrepreneurship into government to create public good. He spent 2 months at the globally renowned innovation firm IDEO, working on a collaborative project commissioned by the housing authorities and PSD to look into the future of public housing. He had also worked on various multi-agency projects exploring issues such as Singaporeans’ career aspirations and helping persons with disabilities find employment.

He is now running Outsprint, a social enterprise as public innovation design consultancy, creating products and services that deliver public and social good. He recently helped SG Enable, an agency dedicated to enabling persons with disability, design a new grant experience through a one-week design sprint.

His pet passion of hoarding online articles had now found some popularity and practical use, in the Design For Public Good Flipboard magazine, with over 11,000 readers.

Workshop with social sector leaders

My Work

Founder & CEO of Outsprint
Crazy entrepreneurial times as design consultant for government and non-profits at Outsprint, indie maker of products for public good like Public Design Vault and Outsprint Store.

Design Lead at Public Service Division, Prime Minister's Office
Startup within a government! A team of bold ambitious designers who wanted to change how the whole government designed policies & services for citizens.

Designeur at Popcornprez
First ever design solopreneur attempt with no prior training in design whatsoever, but still making it through by learning super fast and creating great work for clients using design thinking.

Assistant Director, Local Service Planning Dept, Service Development Division, National Council of Social Service
Career switch towards greater personal meaning and purpose, into work that had positive social impact on the world!

Planning Coordinator, Discovery Networks Asia and London
Studied arts & social sciences, but got into the creative media industry anyway. Learned about film, TV and how it feels like to work in a global MNC.